Manhood Wall of Shame - The worst place you can ever see your mug shot.
Wimpy guys have a pretend man camp
We were contacted by the Travel Channel a couple of years ago as they wanted to film an episode of Mancations at the Aspen Man Camp... After numerous discussions, they went quiet and decided to simply send their little, actor/commedian guys to Aspen to pretend to be at the Aspen Man Camp. Thanks a lot, losers... We don't hate lawyers... we just seem to feel better when they are not around... So rather than waste our time and money racking up attorney fees to deal with your corporate lawers, we simply decided to reserve a special place for Mancations and The Travel Channel at the top of our Wall of Shame. Feel free to man up and make it right any time.

Wimpy guys Evan and Garreth
Meet Evan Mann and Gareth Reynolds. From what we hear from the Aspen Fire Department (off the record of course) and other local outfitters, you are real wimpy guys. I guess you spared yourselves the challenge an you certainly did the wrong thing. Not even a plug for us after you poach our concept and our town? Shame on you dudes. Make it right any time.