Who should come to the Man Camp?
  • Corporate groups - Team Building.
  • Old buddies looking for an excuse to get back to the basics.
  • Bachelor party with a healthy twist.
  • Any guy who needs to get back to nature and smack up his inner wimp - You know who you are.

If you're looking for excitement, adventure, fitness, without giving up the finer things in life - Come to the Man Camp!

If you're feeling a bit weak, out of shape, or disconnected from nature - Come to the Man Camp!

If you're feeling whiny, hormonal, overly-sensitive - or if you've been watching Sex and The City, then come to 2 Man Camps!

If a friend of yours can be described by the above - copy and paste the following link into an email and send it to him. The truth may hurt, but he'll thank you later:

copy and paste the following to an email:

I'm sending you this link becuase I care. The truth hurts sometimes, but you REALLY need to go!

Note: If someone is sending you this link, then your manliness has been questioned. Please sign up before it's too late! We're here for you, man! - The AMC Staff





Because Adventure is necessary to maintain your manhood, each day will incorporate an "adventure" component.