This one time...At Man Camp...


Aspen Man Camp This three- to five-day testosterone fest will have you fly-fishing, doing martial arts, and drinking Scotch. (May through September; from $350. per day; 970-925-3555; aspenmancamp.com)




     At times humbling, other times hilarious -- The Aspen Man

Camp is a legitimately emboldening experience. I've never seen

anything like it. We were exposed to incredible things – 
but not like a tourist or a participant in some lame seminar. 
There is a sincere and respectful approach. We learned some
serious disciplines (fighting, exploring, etc.) but at the same 
time, it was a light-hearted and fun environment. 
I'll never forget the rest of the guys at the camp and
all the cool stuff that we did as a team. I intend to continue
practicing and learning the things we were exposed to.
 D.Robert Scott 
I.T. Consultant
Manhattan Beach, Ca.
“The Man Camp is Fan-tas-tic!”
John McBride Jr. 
Snowmass, Colorado.

"I want in on the Man Camp. I want in BIG!"