Dedicated Service To Mankind

We're a full service organization: If someone you know has been completly dominated by his inner wimp, we'll come to your town, pick him up, and carry him to the Man Camp!

Meet the Basquach.  The Basquach received his name becuase of his unusual size and his legendary strength. A lumberjack by trade, the Basquach has become a great symbol of manhood at the Aspen Man Camp. It has been said that the Man Camp does not officially begin until he blows into his horn & it's not over until he blows it again. The Basquach can carry any man under 215 lbs. to the Man Camp.

As in any intervention, we recommend that friends and family be present to make the situation as comfortable as possible. People who sincerely care about the man can explain to him why the intervention is necessary. Friends and family should cover all work, family, and social obligations for this guy before the AMC staff shows up to take him to camp.

Finally, We will explain what we at the Man Camp can do to change the sad course of this man's life before he is hurled upon the shoulder of the Basquach and carried out the door into a new world. A world of opportunity, a world of strength, a world of Manhood!