2006 Man Camp Scholarship!

Apply today!

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

Due to the extreme popularity of our Man Camp programs, we have decided to give something back.

That's why we will be offering a scholarship for one lucky gentleman to attend the Man Camp each year. 

This is a needs-based initiative, so please (1) send a digital photo of yourself or your friend and (2) a short essay (approx. 50 words) describing why this man NEEDS a trip  to the Man Camp in 2005.

All strong candidates will be posted on this website so that you (our viewer) will get to decide which applicant needs it the most.

Please send the required items to us ASAP-those who apply early will have a greater chance of winning this Grand Prize!


The subject line should read: "Man Camp Scholarship"


Scholarship Application


  1. Name (only first name will appear on the website):
  2. Age
  3. Occupation
  4. City and State of residence
  5. Essay (see above)
  6. Photo (jpeg or gif format)
  7. Contact information (for the applicant or for the person submitting the application)

To vote for Man Camp Scholarship Recipient: Go to our Guest Book at the bottom of Page 1- If you care, you'll nominate your friend today!
In the last two weeks, I lost my job, wrecked my car (in the driveway, don't ask), lost my wedding ring (yeah, my wife is really happy about that one), and accidentally killed my daughter's fish.  I want to go to Man Camp. I need to go to Man Camp. Please help!


Your winning essay here....



Your face - or your friend's face here.....


If you someone you know needs hope, copy and paste the following into an email and share the love:


Hey Pal,

I thought your future was hopeless until I found this program. I really think that these people can help you out. Please submit your Essay and your Photo ASAP - I believe that you will win the contest because I believe in you!  Check it out:




Another approach - Cut and Paste into an email:


Hey buddy,

If anyone you know needs this program more than you do - nominate him now. Otherwise I'm nominating YOU! I look forward to your response.

Talk to you soon.

Check it out: http://www.aspenmancamp.com/pages/8/index.htm